The Whooping Crane
International Crane Foundation site,
in Baraboo, Wisconsin

"These whooping cranes were viewed at the International Crane Foundation site, in Baraboo, Wisconsin this summer. The tallest bird in North America, the graceful Whooping Crane is an inspirational symbol of conservation. Though this bird remains an endangered species, it has rebounded from a low of just 15 cranes in the 1940s to about 600 today."

Reference: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Bison cow and calf
Yellowstone National Park

"Each calf weighs about 50 pounds and has reddish fur. Within an hour after birth the calf stands and soon after, begins to walk."

    Sandhill Crane

"Crane chicks grow very rapidly up to an inch per day some days, or five feet in three months."

Information from International Crane Foundation.

    Canada Geese

Canada goose usually have 4-7 goslings, may have up to 11, according to Audubon Society information.

This pair must have adopted many orphans. They have 21 in mid May. Both parents take care of the goslings and teach them how to survive.