MUSTANGS, Theodore Roosevelt National Park

"Some spectacular mustangs in action. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit, a great place to visit, is home to these mustangs. For great viewing it is important to be in the right place at the right time."

Reference: Defender of Wildlife

    An Amazing Family of Canada Geese

"Canada geese with 19 goslings having fun together in Terre Haute, Indiana. Preparing them to fly and keep order. Cool Fact: Goslings even start to communicate with their parents while they're still in the egg."

Reference: Canadian Geographic

    BIGHORN SHEEP, Lambs in Action

"They are legendary for their ability to climb high, steep, rocky mountain areas. Within a day, a lamb can walk and climb as well as its mother."

Reference: Defender of Wildlife


"These whooping cranes were viewed at the International Crane Foundation site, in Baraboo, Wisconsin this summer. The tallest bird in North America, the graceful Whooping Crane is an inspirational symbol of conservation. Though this bird remains an endangered species, it has rebounded from a low of just 15 cranes in the 1940s to about 600 today."

Reference: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    CANADA GEESE, Gosling March

"A family of geese marching to Colonel Bogey March."

    Magnificent Seven Canada Goslings

"These cute goslings are just several days old, but they can keep order when required of them."